5 Ways to Meditate in Everyday Life

Living one's life through divine remembrance and putting into practice the wisdom we obtain from Gurbani - teaching...


5 Ways to Meditate in Everyday Life
5 Ways of Meditation in Gurbani?

Bhagat Trilochan once visited Bhagat Namdev, a tailor by profession. Bhagat Trilochan thought Bhagat Namdev like other devotees would be sitting idle and meditating on God. But much to his astonishment, he found him occupied with his work.

A very interesting conversation follows between them. Bhagat Kabir has recorded this in his couplets in the Guru Granth Sahib.

Trilochan says, "O Namdev! Maya has enticed you, my friend. Why are you printing designs on these sheets and not focusing your mind on God"?

Namdev replies, "O Trilochan! Recite God's Name with your mouth. Do all your work with your hands and feet, and keep your mind imbued with the Lord. - GGS: 1376

The conversation continues and Bhagat Namdev elaborates on it in one of his other hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib, providing some beautiful examples for meditation in daily life.

Like a Kite Flyer
The kite flyer has his mind (concentration) fixed on the paper-kite flying in the sky. He doesn't let it go even while playing and communicating with his friends.

Similarly, while doing our day to day work, we should keep our mind focused on the path shown to us by Gurbani. We can work diligently and still stay connected to the Divine within. It is not a choice of one lifestyle over the other but the harmonious amalgamation of both.

The boy cuts paper to make a kite and flies it in the sky. He talks with many of his friends but still keeps his attention on the kite string. - GGS: 972

Like a Goldsmith
Making ornaments and jewellery is no simple task as it involves designing of intricate patterns. A goldsmith requires complete concentration on his work while making different ornaments. He makes sure that his focus is on the delicate jewellery and its fine design.

Our life can also be considered intricate in the sense that each and every moment is very important. These moments define our life and we must focus on spending each moment in accordance with the teachings of the Guru. Be dedicated to your work and still remember the Divine.

As a goldsmith's mind is focused on goldwork so my mind is imbued with the Name of the Lord. - GGS: 972

Like the Water-Carrying Girls
These young girls, while focussed on their task of fetching water, also laugh and play along the way. They are attentive, lest they fall or slip and lose the water in the pitchers.

This kind of focussed attention is what we need to give to divine teachings. But it is not enough to just keep them enshrined in our minds. We need to translate them into practice. The divine focus guides us in our actions as we conduct ourselves in our daily work, whether at home, in the office or any place of work and even when travelling. Each step of ours, immersed in divine remembrance and focused on divine teachings, leads us to inner bliss.

The young girls in the city take pitchers and fill them with water. They laugh and play, and talk with their friends, but keep their attention focused on their pitchers. - GGS: 972

Like a Cow
The cowherd takes the cows for grazing some distance away from the mansion. But the cows keep in their minds the calves that have been left behind.

Similarly, we can also keep the Divine in mind while indulging in and carrying out our worldly affairs through our ten senses (ten gates); five sense organs of perception/knowledge: ears, eyes, skin, tongue and nose, and five organs of action: mouth, hands, legs, excretory and genitals.

The cow is let loose, out of the mansion of the ten gates, to graze in the field. The cowherd grazes it five miles away from the mansion, but it is always thinking of its calf. - GGS: 972

Like a Mother
A mother lays her child in the cradle and puts him to sleep. Thereafter, she is constantly on her feet engaging in various household chores. While doing this, she is however constantly focused on her child and keeps her eyes on them.

Likewise, our focus on the Divine whilst going about our daily routine needs to mirror a mother's focused devotion and love for her offspring.

The child is laid down in the cradle. The mother works inside and outside of the house, but keeps her mind on the child. - GGS: 972

In conclusion, Gurbani has given us a simple insight into meditation. This requires no special time, place or ritual. Remembering the Divine at all times while performing one's worldly tasks is all that is needed.

Work diligently on every task you undertake and keep the Divine enshrined within your heart.

Living one's life through divine remembrance and putting into practice the wisdom we obtain from Gurbani - teachings in the Guru Granth Sahib is a form of meditation!

There is one art of which man should be master, the art of reflection. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
an English poet, literary critic and philosopher, 1772 - 1834

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