5 Things for Sikhs to do Following the US Election

If you are worried about what this election may mean for you and your community, here are some suggestions for what you ...

The election of Donald Trump came as a shock to many, not
because of his policy proposals, which may be too scarce to judge, but because of
the racist, sexist and xenophobic ideology that he represented during the
campaign and that seemed motivate many of his voters. If you are worried about
what this election may mean for you and your community, here are some
suggestions for what you can do right away.

1. Dwell in the Naam

Our Gurus taught us to remain in Chardi Kala no matter what
the external circumstances are. Use this opportunity to follow their example.
Bow to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, connect to Parmatma, and dwell in the Naam.
Read your banis, play Kirtan from favorite raagis in your home or at work, and
sing from your heart. Use this time to connect to your Guru.

2. Let Others Feel Your Chardi Kala

When you've found your Chardi Kala, make sure others have a
chance to feel it as well. Give people hope simply through being happy and
confident that whatever happens is God's will. Be a Lighthouse for anyone
who needs support. This is important for people to see who are Sikhs and
especially for people who don't know Sikhs yet. Let the public see your smile
and kindness. Make sure they know that love always wins.

3. Spend Time with Friends, Family and the Sangat

Find a way to spend time with people who you love and with
the Sadh Sangat. Reach out to people you've been meaning to connect with, go to
events at your Gurdwara and with your friends, and make sure your family knows
you are present in their lives. You will feel replenished in the Sadh Sangat
and will help others feel the same way by being part of their lives.

4. Show Your Respect for Women

Trump's sexist statements and attitudes are undoubtedly
frightening, and women especially are feeling the pain from having a sexist
elected over a woman. We also have many issues with sexism remaining in our
Sikh communities. Whether you're a man or a woman, resolve to use this time to
show your support for women's rights and your respect for women. There are many
ways to do this every day, and we would love to hear some of your ideas and

5. Forgive an Enemy

If you have been holding a grudge or haven't been able to
forgive someone who has harmed you, use this time of reflection to turn an
enemy into a friend. And if it is not possible to interact with them, let any
feelings of pain or anger associated with your former enemy go. Most
importantly, be your own friend at this time and do not be an enemy to
yourself. Love yourself, forgive yourself, and bless yourself as a beautiful
human who does good in the world. Your goodness and kindness are needed more
than ever.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa

Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

- Simran Singh


Simran Singh

Simran Singh

Simran Singh is a native of Hamburg, Germany. He spend 10 years living at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India as both a student and teacher and represented Akal Security and Sikh Dharma in Washington, DC for six years.

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