2019 Rosa Park Trailblazer Awarded to Gurinder Singh Khalsa

“I took this stand for all those who believe in religious liberty and freedom of faith....

Gurinder Singh Khalsa was awarded the Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award by the Indiana Minority Business Magazine on Friday, January 18th, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. Gurinder was chosen to receive this award because of his courage and integrity displayed in May of 2007 when he was asked to remove his turban while attempting to board a flight in Buffalo, New York. Following this incident, Gurinder worked tirelessly towards bringing this issue to the attention of the United States congress. This later resulted in headgear policies being changed in airports nationwide. 


“I took this stand for all those who believe in religious liberty and freedom of faith. Tonight, this award is not about me. Change does not exist without the support of a community,” spoke Khalsa during his acceptance speech. Gurinder was introduced by the honorable Robin Shackleford, State Representative of Indiana House District 98. 

The Indiana Minority Business Magazine Champions of 2019 Awards Ceremony was attended by many important figures, including but not limited to: Attorney General Curtis Hill, Senator Jim Merritt, singer/songwriter Anita Lerche, and many more. More than 800 people attended the award ceremony.


Curtis Hill spoke highly of Gurinder regarding the Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award. “Sometimes those who bravely protest for civil rights are stereotyped as somehow threatening figures – perhaps simply because of the raw courage required to fight for justice. But in the personalities of both Gurinder and Rosa, we see the great power of quiet resolve.”

The Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award was granted to Gurinder by Robert Shegog, the VP/COO of the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and the Indiana Minority Business Magazine.


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