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GRAB YOUR CAMERAS The theme for the 2014 film festival is 'Uncommon Courage' What does uncommon courage mean t...


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uncommon COURAGE - 2014 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

We are happy to announce that the theme for the 2014 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival is: Uncommon Courage.

When we talk about Uncommon Courage, we do not only mean extraordinary acts of valor, but also everyday courage on the battlefield of life. The unseen seva that people do. The unseen stories. As a sangat, one important virtue is the ability to see the strengths of each other. In seeing them, we can nurture and bring out those strengths.

What does Uncommon Courage mean to you?

Starting now - filmmakers have half a year to prepare!

Voting: Audience Input. Judges decision.

Last year, the winner of the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival was determined by popular vote. This year, the winner will be chosen by the judges. However, audience voting will continue to be part of the process. Although the popular vote will not determine the winners, it will be a factor the judges will take into account when making their final decision.

Our hope is to spread inspiration through these films and bring more awareness of Sikh media.


There are three categories: Senior (age 29 and up) Junior (Ages 11-17) and Intermediate (Ages 18-28.) The Junior winner will receive a cash prize of $500. The Intermediate Group will have three chances to win $1,000. The judges will decide which three films made them laugh the most, made them cry the most or made them think the most.

Prizes will be as follows:

- Make Me Cry: $1,000
- Make Me Think: $1,000
- Make Me Laugh: $1,000 (Hint: there tends to be less competition in this area)

$500 prize for best film

Although the Senior winner will not receive a cash prize, your film will be featured on SikhNet and will receive lots of exposure.

In addition to the cash prizes, the judges will recognize additional films which they find to have outstanding and unique.

As usual, entries cannot run longer than 25 minutes total.

All entries will be due on Aug 31st 2014.

Happy filmmaking!

We are excited to see what inspiring and creative films you produce this year
Please read the full rules and details of the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival here.

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