Over the weekend, 20 pageant winners across the country joined forces to produce a strong message of solidarity with #WeStandWithFarmers through this video.

Each of these women who represent prestigious systems like Miss India USA, National American Miss, Miss USA, Miss America, among many others, are united together in their shared mission to fight the ongoing injustices against farmers in India.

The women in the video range in ages with a 21+ year gap between the youngest and oldest woman. Additionally, the women represent many states in the United States from California, Texas, Oregon, New York, Indiana, and many others.

“In a country with over 70% of the population in the agricultural and its allied sectors, the past few weeks have been increasingly difficult with farmer suicide rates on the rise and violence in the face of peaceful protests. Pageant women have a unique ability to bring attention to issues and also, gain widespread support - financially and otherwise - within their communities. We know we have this unique platform and we are passionate about using it for what we believe in strongly,” says Serene Singh, the project’s founder.

In the video are the following women in order of when they appear in the video: Serene Singh, Suhanee Patel, Esha Kode, Kim Kumari, Isha Jog, Jaanu Patel, Anjali Nair, Suhani Jani, Simarn Kholi, Nekita Regula, Vani Sharma, Shivali Patel, Alyssa Dass, Shivali Kadam, Manya Saaraswat, Afroza Nishi, Selene Ferdinand, Sanjana Yendluri, and Abirami Krishnan.

Although most of these women have never met one another in person, it is their hope to continue working together in the future to address issues South Asians experience in their home of the United States as well as in South Asia.

The women ask to be reached out to on their social media accounts for any questions about donating. They will be donating all proceeds to KhalsaAid.Org.

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