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To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Title Album Artist Length Plays
Mul Mantra Gur Prasaad Nav Nihal 6:43 758
Japji Sahib Nitnem - Medium Pace Dashmesh Kirtani Jatha (Canada) 8:20 330
Japji Sahib Nitnem - Dashmesh Kirtani Jatha (Canada) Dashmesh Kirtani Jatha (Canada) 25:06 1,736
Aadh Sach Jugad Sach Dashmesh Kirtani Jatha (Canada) 5:19 4,937
Mool Mantra - Raag Lalit Bhairav (feat. Nobina, Sandhya) Deh Shiva Bar - 1 With Commentary Mohinderjit Singh 3:28 13,448
IkOankaar Sathnaam & Katha (30Oct2020 Day11 CHALIYA2020) CHALIYA2020 Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 1:36:36 18,037
SIMRAN-IkOankaar Sathnaam JAAP CHALIYA2020 Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 43:09 10,870
JapJi Sahib Path by Mata Ji (22Oct2020 Day3 CHALIYA 2020) CHALIYA2020 Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 14:12 21,355
IkOankaar Sathnaam (21Oct2020 Day2 CHALIYA2020) CHALIYA2020 Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 1:36:32 10,784
Mool Mantra Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa (Vancouver) 7:20 8,820
Mool Mantar Mool Mantar Gursimran Kaur 5:11 44,623
Mool Mantar for Kids Gurmehar Zayne 3:18 6,318
Mool Mantar with Taren Kaur Taren Kaur (UK) 4:35 20,657
Aad Sach Jugaad Sach - Khalsa Junior Khalsa Junior 6:01 31,326
Pehli Pauri - Khalsa Junior Khalsa Junior 6:36 12,700
Ad Such Jugad Such Hai Bhay Such (Planetary Meditation) Unto Infinity Hansu Jot Singh 32:11 7,356
Mool Mantra Sadhana - Summer Solstice 2019 Hansu Jot Singh 7:01 6,936
Mool Mantra (Live) Sadhana Live Satkirin Kaur Khalsa 7:31 3,955
66 Times Mool Mantra-Worldwide SadhSangat (16Apr2020) Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 20:17 13,411
Japji Sahib Pauri 1 Khoj Gurbani (Podcast) Khoj Gurbani 55:45 4,282
Ik Ong Kar Acapella Jatha 7:46 2,610
Ik Ong Kar Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh 10:24 1,883
Mool Mantar Khoj Gurbani (Podcast) Khoj Gurbani 57:23 3,356
Mool Mantra Taren Kaur (UK) 12:39 6,721
Japji Sahib Nitnem (Bhai Ranjit Singh Chandan) Bhai Ranjeet Singh Chandan 20:09 11,573
Ik Ongkar Arvin 10:18 10,129
Mul Mantra A Guru Nanak Nam Deva 11:31 5,300
108 Times Mool Mantra - Musical Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 1:01:59 60,110
Japji Sahib (Full track) Sing along Nitnem for Kids - Japji Sahib Bhajneet Singh 44:08 227,958
Japji Sahib Pauri 01 Sing along Nitnem for Kids - Japji Sahib Bhajneet Singh 1:42 31,361