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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a gmail account and a email account?

A: Your email will have all the features of a gmail account; you will be able to use google talk (download google talk), google docs, themes, calendar etc. And the accounts will be updated and improved as gmail gets updated over time.  


Q: Where do go to check my email?

A: email is powered by google and you can now login and check your email by going to and logging in with your full email address and password. You can also the address which will re-direct you to gmail.


Q: I have a gmail account already, and I don't want to manage 2 email accounts.

A: You don't have to manage more than 1 email account. You can consolidate all of your email addresses by simply forwarding one to the other. There will be different settings for yahoo, hotmail etc. For gmail, click on "Settings" then "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". There you can enter your email address and choose if you would like to keep the gmail copy, archive it, or delete it automatically.

Q: How can I get my email on my mobile phone?


To manually setup email on various other mobile devices you can use these details


Q: Is there a shorter url I can bookmark so I don't have to go to SikhNet to get to my email?

A: You can simply go to and login with your email and password


Q: Can I sync my email and calendar to my mobile phone?

A: Yes. Click here to learn more.


Q: How do I setup POP for a local email software?

A:  Click on "Settings" then "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". Follow the example below


Please Note: There is an additional step to take for setting up POP email with custom  domain  ( email addresses (non accounts). The entire email address needs to be listed as the 'user name' as shown in the example below.