Manjeet Singh

I have studied various world religions in my search to find the purpose of my life on Earth....

 I am a GurSikh.  By qualifications, I am a Science graduate with a Masters Diploma in Business Management, and possess more than thirty years’ business experience. A near death experience couple of years ago transformed my life and put me onto a spiritual path. It led me to study various world religions, and find the purpose of my life on Earth. My search for the truth ended with my own religion, Sikhism. In the last seven years, I have devoted my time to learning the teachings of Guru Nanak and Guru Granth Sahib that I want to share with the world. 

I have been a Sikh forever, going to Gurdwaras regularly, listening to Gurbani, and living life like any other Gursikh. But I realized I was following Sikhism as a ritual without knowing its value and great wisdom, and I'm sure, ninety percent of Sikhs follow Sikhism that way. 

I believe the research I have carried out is worthwhile that will help people know Sikhism in its real light and grandeur. They will gain fresh insights in a simple and practical manner and find the purpose of their life. I am writing for SikhNet so I may share this with the community.