A well-known science populariser and environmental activist, Dr. D. P. Singh has authored 21 books till date. His books have been published by Language Department Punjab, Patiala; Punjabi University, Patiala; Punjab State University Text Book Board, Chandigarh; National Book Trust, New Delhi; Publication Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, New Delhi, and Singh Brothers, Amritsar.
Dr. Singh has authored / published 10 books for general readers (C.V. Raman, Science and Sikhism - Conflict or Coherence, Vigyan Prapatian ate Masle, Dharam ate Vigyan, Bhavikh di Pairh, Vatavarni pardushan, Vatavarni Masle ate Samadan, Same de Vehan, Laser Rays and Ultrasonics-The Inaudible Sounds). He has written / published 7 books for children (Satrang, Teleprinter, Sapat Rishi, Dhartie Ruk Ja, Punjab de Dareya, Robot, Manukh ate Kudrat, and Ajab hae Raat da Amber). He has translated 4 books from English to Punjabi (3 for PSUTBB, CHD and 1 for NBT, New Delhi).

Dr. D. P. Singh has published about 100 articles on various aspects of Sikhism in several newspapers and magazines of English, Punjabi and Hindi. He has published 'Science and Sikhism - Conflict or Coherence' in 2018. He has published another book titled; Dharam ate Vigyan (in Punjabi) in 2001, 2010 and two booklets; ‘Guru Nanak’s Scientific Attitude’ in 2004; ‘Dharam, Vigyan ate Vidiarthi’ in 2001; 2003. Four of his articles (on Sikhism) have been included in different books edited by eminent authors. He has reviewed several books authored by eminent Sikh scholars. His 30+ Radio Talks on various concepts in Sikhism have been broadcast by Ajj di Awaz, Canada and Des Punjab Radio, Canada. His 50+ Talks on Sikhism, Science and Social topics have been telecast by Jhanjer T.V., Sanjha Punjab T.V. and Dateline Toronto, Canada and Global Punjab T.V. Chandigarh, India . These talks are also available as Youtube presentations on internet. He has delivered about one dozen invited talks on ‘Sikh Religion and Philosophy’, at various educational institutions within India and Canada.