I am a journalist committed to the change in Indian system. I have been running English and Punjabi internet news portal Bharat Sandesh and also Gumtala village website Gumtala.com I am also the editor of  the Amritsar Post and I write for different newspapers and have written seven books in Punjabi.

The Indian people should enjoy fruits of freedom as in UK,Canada etc There should be freedom of speech, freedom to write.All religions have equal rights.At present majority community is given more rights and minority communities are being discriminated. Police and govt. should protect life and property of every citizen as in UK,USA,Canada ,France etc. Every person has equal opportunity to education, health, employment, food as in UK,Canada etc India should have strong anti-corruption laws and there should be zero tolerance.Criminals should be debarred fighting elections .Elections system should be like UK so that every body can fight elections .There should be more powers to states as in Canada and USA Every state should has its own flag,flower, bird ,censor board etc .Panchayti Raj should be established as in UK,Canada.At present there is dictatorship in every party and party workers have no power.Party members should elect their leaders democratically as in USA,UK,Canada etc. At present Congress president has all powers and workers are zero .Similarly in Akali Dal , BJP, NCP and other parties presidents have all powers in other words they are dictators.India can be richest country and world power by controlling population , checking corruption and black money. Singapore had a corruption like India but they took strong steps and now there is almost zero corruption at low lavel India needs police reforms as recommended by Supreme Court States are not implementing these reforms CMs of these states should be dismissed and debarred fighting elections for 6 years.