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With over a decade of sharing experiences, over 1425 programs and over 1.25 Lac lives touched through training programs, motivational talks and clinical practice. The journey has been incredible, with reach out to an amazingly diverse audience ranging between 6 years and 60 years - Educators, Doctors & Healthcare professionals, Counselors, Bankers, Business Analysts, Social Activists, and Toddlers to Adolescents.

My personal spiritual journey began with discovering love of the One creator and having an unshaken belief in the One. Today, feel blessed to extend this love and faith to people of varied faiths through spiritual talks and workshops, sharing the eternal wisdom. That is how we conceptualized BLISS – Beaming Life Ignites Spiritual Spark. Experiencing the ultimate happiness, that can never be broken, that is complete and perfect, that cannot be overpowered, that is permanent. Bliss is not a pursuit of attainment, rather a way of living. It is based on getting in touch with our spiritual side.

At BLISS we are committed to helping individuals, couples, families and communities through a holistic approach to the healing process that considers behavioral, psychological and spiritual well being. We draw upon the ancient healing techniques and teachings as well as modern knowledge and science to support individuals on their personal journey to health,well-being and rediscovering BLISS. We are on the mission to Heal the World - One soul at a time.

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’ Key to wellbeing and successful living is the unshaken belief in the divine. Our mission is to create communities that kindle this inner flame in each being for their wellbeing.

As I Understand, when like energies come together, they SYNERGIZE. Sikhnet for the past 25 years has been serving Guru Sahib's mission. The collaborative relationship with Sikhnet seems to be an opportunity to spread the ripples of healing across the globe that were initiated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and exemplified by the Gurus. The world is suffering and Guru is the medicine. We need to make efforts to ensure that the medicine becomes more n more accessible to the ones who continue to suffer. Look forward with hope that Maharaj bless the Seva and we spread the Gurus wisdom.