The journey truly begins.

Manpreet Kaur writes of her work at a Special Needs School at Pingalwara.

Now that all the posts are updated "I can breathe".

Things happen for a reason we all know that… for example; My nephew Aaron wrote a heart warming email a day after I left but I could not access it until I had been through the mill, his words lifted me and reminded me why I was here. My brothers have also given me strength beyond words they are my rocks and a true blessing from God! Even my darling Bhuaa Ji called at a time where I was feeling depleted so I have to hang on to such heartwarming and comforting words from friends and family. I have noticed I have been approaching my experiences on an emotional which have caused both conflict, pain and frustration "my focus needs to be bring light and hope into peoples lives."

I got online yesterday yes the wireless connection in Amritsar... from the luxury of my room! What a mad few days … I have been biten by the dreaded Indian mosquitos the one night I did not apply my boots 50% deet lotion.. TYPICAL! I've also had the flu over the weekend, yea like an mad woman was in 40 degrees hot weather and then stood right in front the air conditioning unit... also been having severe headaches again due to the weather...Saying that I have been blessed over the past week and half, my sanctuary of peace and stillness has been in the Golden Temple, where I try my utmost to visit everyday! This is truly a life saver where I feel that someone is walking with me and has his hand on my head. There is no doubt its extremely hard here, guess I didn't think it would be! Away from my family is one thing but being surrounded by kids 24/7 in the heat…you surrounded by the body heat and humidity the mind gets agitated but its vital not to let me mind control things… but how hard is that?

The kids are truly brilliant and certainly remind me daily to why I am here… their smiles, the innocent love in their eyes and not to mention the vibration of their pure spirits.

I have been working within special needs department where we identified what is going to be needed… Its going to be such a magical experience to see these kids grow and blossom, we are introducing a specialised language designed for children with special educational needs. We are doing a pilot study with 4 students and then god willing set precedence for the rest of the class. We are going for a our 1st outing on Friday its going to be very interesting – We are also devising some training materials for the staff to give an insight to certain subjects within the complex - education for all on various levels alongside being part of the SMS project where deaf children can text and communicate via mobile phone…This is a real exciting time but that said I have yet to get my routine and structure in place which again is proving to be difficult but all in good time I guess.

My love, Manni

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