Gems in the River.

What is that entrancing, shimmering light I see in the river?

Gems in the River

I gazed at her in awe. Her breathtaking beauty mesmerized me. I whispered inwardly, “She is beautiful”. Nay, to describe her merely as beautiful would be to do her disservice, for I beheld actual beauty itself incarnate.

Her raiment appeared as a bluish garment of sparkling light. Her face radiated a peace and composure I had yet to experience. She stood beside a river. The rising sun shimmering on its surface reflected the dawn in all its glory. Entranced I observed the rapture of day unfolding before me.

She held a bulky bag heavy with stones. Only when she reached to pull out one of the stones did I realized it was nothing ordinary. No, a gem surpassing the brilliance and elegance of any jewel I had ever previously seen glittered in the morning rays of sunlight, nearly blinding me.

Then she did a rather peculiar thing.

She threw the gem into the river. Before I could say anything she repeated her action. Over and over again she tossed unimaginably flawless gems into the streams current. I couldn't’t fathom why she would do such a thing or how such beautiful gems could be so easily discarded by her. Couldn't she see how precious, how valuable these gems were?

Once in a while, she would inspect a particular jewel holding it out to reflect the light. After caressing it fondly she would put the gem into her pocket. But then she would go right back to dropping beautiful gems, one after another, into the river.

Finally I broke out of my spell and asked, "Who are you"?

She looked at me and her eyes sparkling with life and mirth, said, "I am you".

It completely shocked me to think that I could be that beautiful. "But", I stumbled, "I am ugly and dirty, you are so pure and...?"

I could feel her laughter inside. "I am your soul."

Like a flash of lightening, I completely understood her. I saw her and me as one. My dirt and ugliness reflected the false and fleeting me. She embodied the true me.

Like a jewel wrapped in rags, I had hidden her from the world. Nay, I had hidden her from me.

I pointed to the gems in the river - she smiled and explained.....


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