We are very happy  to announce that we have unveiled a brand new version of the Gurbani Media Center: SikhNet Play!

We had alot of fun putting together this slideshow of images of how people use SikhNet Play, formally Gurbani Media Center. 

We would love if you could also share your images of listening to Gurbani.

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 15.33.37.png

If you want to share with us all the ways in which Gurbani is a part of your life, please send your images to Annette showing all the ways in which you connect to Gurbani. 

This year, we were grateful to work with Dasvandh Network for a Vaisakhi fundraiser to help us as we continue improving your listening experience with SikhNet Play and delivering excellent content for our global sangat.

Thank you to Dasvandh Network who provided a matching grant and all your donations  up to $10,000 were matched!  Thank you so much for openng your heart this Vaisakhi and donating to help us with this project of sharing the love of Guru's bani! 

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