Taxi Drivers with Divine Powers

Taxi Drivers with Divine Powers

We found that whatever we said, it used to happen....

 My father told me that one time when he went to Toronto, some young men invited them over for dinner. Over dinner, they told him the following story:

We are taxi drivers. We used to listen to bhangra and pop music, and that's how our day would go by while working. We got some inspiration from someone who told us we should utilize our time better. So we decided to just read as much Japji Sahib as we can during the day; waiting for the customers, while driving etc. After a while, we found that whatever we said, it used to happen. We didn't realize it for a while, but eventually it became clear. We were excited and amazed at this power. Looking back we realized that we hadn't done anything good with this power. We did an Ardas and asked Guru Ji to take this power away. We still do Japji Sahib but we've given this power back to the Guru.

Look how powerful the Bani is.

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