Make The SikhNet Learning Center A Reality

Make The SikhNet Learning Center A Reality

SikhNet is hard at work on our SikhNet Learning Center, a new online resource for learning Sikh Values, Lifestyle and Hi...

The SikhNet Learning Center is a brand new service that is in development. In order to populate it with wonderful content we need your help.

Thank You!
We have reached the goal. 

You can still donate!

An anonymous donor has pledged $25,000 as a matching grant, for the new SikhNet Learning Center, until October 21st. All donations up until then were doubled. 

Help this project, Donate Now.

$50,900 Given of $50,000 goal 

First Of It's Kind.

It's a brand new service that SikhNet is launching in 2017 as part of our website redesign. It will allow you to study and learn about Sikhi, Sikh History, Gurbani, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, and more. 

What Is It?

It's an online classroom (lesson based e-learning platform), currently under development. Want to see a teaser? Watch the video above.

We Want It To Be FREE

Your generous support will make the SikhNet Learning Center available to millions of people around the world.

With your help, we can make the Sikh Learning Center even better. Click here and become a part of the SikhNet Learning Center TODAY.

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