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In this video , learn how grieving effectively is the key to keeping in Chardi Kalaa. Amar Atma Singh (Instructor) addresses some of the spiritual challenges we may experience related to faith and Sikhi, and teaches a meditation to experience the richness of our spiritual heritage. The unfortunate reality is that we have all faced many tragedies and difficulties this last year, impacting our outlook on life. Without effective strategies, we may carry the burdens of these times that dampens our spirits with the possibility that it could affect us for years. Know about Your Instructor: Amar Atma Singh Khalsa has spent the better part of the decade supporting people transitioning out of life, families grieving their loss, and hospital staff experiencing burnout as a Board Certified Chaplain and an Ordained Sikh Dharma Minister. Amar Atma Singh completed his Chaplain residency and fellowship in Phoenix, AZ, at an inner-city trauma-1 university hospital specializing in trauma, critical care, and palliative care services. He has led grief seminars to critical care nurses and coached physician residents and fellows about offering "bad" news in empathetic and compassionate ways. Amar Atma Singh continues his work in Chaplaincy and serves as a Spiritual Life Coach taking his specialized training to help busy and burnt out professionals with recovery, resilience, and peace of mind.

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