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SikhNet is pleased to be working in partnership with Nanak Naam Collectively we will be shining a light on Guru Nanak’s profound spiritual wisdom of Oneness.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji revealed a way of life to elevate every man, woman and child regardless of religion, race, gender, sexuality or nationality.

A message that is vitally needed for humanity today. Let us reflect and embody this wisdom - it can transform your life and the World. How to meditate on Naam?

The four stages of Mantra Meditation for beginners. Also known as Naam Simran, Nam Japna. This video explores - Gurmat meditation - the techniques of meditation - why meditation feels difficult - Sikh meditation in Gurbani We believe everyone should know and experience spiritual bliss for themselves.

Here at Nanak Naam charity we're on a mission to transform lives worldwide through Mantra-Mindfulness. Satpal Singh is a Sikh spiritual vlogger from the UK creating videos on meditation, mantra, mindfulness and spirituality based on non-duality.

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