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If you want to meditate, begin with your breath. Slow your breath down.

Your eyes have to be closed, otherwise you will be distracted. Sit up tall, and relax your shoulders. Then become aware of your breath. 

Beging thinking Sa Ta Na Ma on the inhale, Sa Ta Na Ma while you hold your breath, and Sa Ta Na Ma while you exhale. Doing this you will automatically slow your breath cycle from 16 times a minute (average breath cycle) to 4 times per minute. When you slow your breath you become conscious of your own thought stream. It's not that you will become thoughtless and your mind will automatically be under control. You have to train yourself to meditate. 

Get rid of all distractions. Turn off your phone, and go to a quiet place. Try 11 minutes, and add more every day. Pretty soon you'll be able to do this breath while you are out and about doing your normal activities. 

You'll train yourself to come into an internal awareness. The deeper you go, and the more you slow your breath, the more you come into your center. Your zero point. Your shunia. In that zero point, you can open up and listen and be aware. And that's the secret of meditation. pauris 4-8 in Japji Sahib about about 'Suniai' (listening). How do you listen? You become still. How do you become still? Control your breath. When thoughts come, you just let them pass. Don't get stuck in them. Keep breathing. You'll get there, if you just begin.

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