He Fought Depression with Spectacular Devotional Artwork

He Fought Depression with Spectacular Devotional Artwork

"Pentacular Artist" Raj Singh suffers from anxiety and has Asbergers....

Editor's Note: Many thanks to Bicky Singh, the visionary voice of encouragement to Sikh youth talent and founder of SikhLens. Without his help and generosity these videos would not have been possible. 

This is the story of Raj Singh Tattal, Pentacular Artist (website)

I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I was always doodling in class. Unfortunately, I suffer from a lot of anxiety. I have Asbergers syndrome which is a form of autism. I love Sikhism but I always had a hard time in the Punjabi culture because it's a loud culture. People with autism are sensitive to sounds and sights. 

I've suffered depression. A counselor told me that my eyes light up when I talk about drawing. She pointed out that I haven't drawn anything in 14 years, and suggested I start again. 

In 2014 I drew a picture of Guru Gobind Singh. My mother really appreciated my art and got excited about it. We gave it to the local Gurdwara. With that encouragement, I decided to go full force. I drew the chote Sahibzaday, and did it in a new perspective. It's just on them looking right at you. They are embracing each other, and you can't see anyone else's face. 

I did a Sikh art exhibition. I did different takes on a lot of Sikh art. The one closest to me is a picture of Guru Gobind Singh and his first son (Baba Ajit Singh) as an infant. The picture shows him as a father. I started to get exposure and being celebrated in the Sikh community, which feels wonderful. 

I also like doing drawings on social causes like animal cruelty and social causes like depression.

I'm really grateful to the Sangat and my mother for supporting me on my massive journey. 

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