Guruchanan Kaur tells her story of being introduced to Sikhi: Yoga class, Mool mantra, Mool mantra composition, Guru Granth sahib, Sikhiwiki, Japji.

Jasvir Kaur Rababan is the host of 'Kaur Voices', a regular live talk show series. You can catch the ongoing Kaur Voices episodes, hosted by Jasvir Rababan, LIVE EVERY SATURDAY at and on Facebook at 9pm UK time (4pm Los Angeles) In this first episode Jasvir has a jubilant conversation with Guruchanan Kaur who fell in love with Sikhi through her musical background (both Jasvir and Guruchanan are co-founders of, a platform for empowering Sikh women). Guruchanan was amazed when she found that there is a religion based off music, that our Gurus themselves invented musical instruments, and that our teachings are organized in raags, showing how central music is in Sikhi. The open conversation went on to address cultural and religious issues surrounding sexuality and the how the equality of genders taught by our Gurus is practiced today. Guruchanan Kaur, with her light heartedness, sheds light on Sikh history and the ethic of sacrificing and fighting to uphold the honor of women. Additional tid-bits gleaned from the open talk included Guruchanan's invention of turban decorations and how she was happy to learn that there is a similar Nihang tradition to adorn one's turban. She also highlights her initiative to help native Spanish speaker to learn Gurmat and Gurmukhi. The program features her translating her Taksali trained Punjabi husband and can be found here:

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