The rulers acting as animals oppressing the people and spreading destruction and death... at that time one holy soul touched the heart of humanity. Truly his sacrifice has changed the course of history though it is not yet widely known. Guru Gobind Singh writes of his father, "None could perform such a feat as that of Teg Bahadur." One of the great teachings of the Gurus is in the fact that it was only after great sacrifice that the Sikhs were taught warfare. The balance of sublime acceptance and ferocious self-defense is a value that is inherent in this epic tale. That is why we feel it is important to share it in a way that is easiest to understand. We are happy to present this effort in honor of the Great Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib's 300th Joti Jot this year. May our future generations, and humanity itself, benefit from Guru Sahib and his message.

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