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Once upon a time, Guru Gobind Singh taught us all a wonderful lesson about our own hearts. Guru ji was teaching the Sikhs, as he always did, and there happened to be a rich boy there who really wanted to serve the Guru. Of course Guru ji knew what was in the boy’s heart, and he announced to everyone, “I am thirsty, who will get me water?”

“I will!” The boy exclaimed before anyone else could answer. Then the youth left to get the water. On the way he thought, “I won the chance the get the water. I KNEW I would be able to show who I am. I’m awesome, I’m a winner!”

Soon enough the boy proudly came back with a glass of water. Guru ji said, “Your hands look soft. What do you do for work?” The boy said, “My parents have a ton of money, so I don’t need to work. Whenever I want something I ask a servant for it... The servants are well paid... so everyone is happy.” It’s true, his parents spoiled him, they never even had him do chores or even clean his room! He had a very soft and easy life, other people did everything for him. Guru ji asked “You never work?” “True King, you are such an inspiration. You are the first person I’ve even thought of serving! This is the first time I have gotten water for anyone.”

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