SikhNet and Brave Lion Books are excited to present our very first Storybook Animation.

Today we are introducing the story of Ajeet: the Invincible Lion, a story that is also a shabd! Or is it a shabd that is also a story...

Ajeet Singh is surrounded by a group of kids who won’t share toys or play with him. They bully, tease him and bring him down! His mom advises him to seek out kids with different qualities, those who are happy and kind like the type of kid he wants to be. Ajeet learns that true friends bring out the best in each other.

Gurbani can inspire and guide even the littlest lions. Its timeless universal message can help Sikh kids powerfully deal with bullying or any adversity in their life. This book hopes to inspire kids to live in eternal optimism and find the sangat that leads them to becoming the best versions of themselves!

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"Trying all sorts of things, I have grown weary, but still, they will not leave me alone.

But I have heard they can be rooted out in the Saadh Sangat, the company of the holy; So I seek their shelter."
–Guru Arjan Dev (Ang 205)

Everything in the story is paralleled with the shabd which is intuitively taught through the story itself!

Written by: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Interpreted by: Bhajneet Singh
Illustrated by: Pardeep Singh
Animated by: Vismaad Studios
Produced by: SikhNet

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