We received a number of questions from users on the topic of taking Amrit (Sikh "Baptism"). With this being a central part of the Sikh lifestyle it is no surprise that there are so many different kinds of questions related to this topic. In the below video Guruka Singh answers some of the below questions related to Amrit Sanchar as well as discussing commitment & discipline in relation to this subject. Everyone who has received the Guru's Amrit probably has had a different experience, different motivation and different calling that inspired them to take this step of commitment to the Guru. Many years ago I wrote about my experience & I'm sure others can tell their experiences as well which give a larger picture about the blessing of receiving the Guru's Amrit.

  • Question 1 - "Importance of Amrit. What personality changes are expected or how Sikhs feel after Baptism?"
  • Question 2 - "I personally feel that there's a different world on the other side of baptism. Once you get baptized you just feel that you've escalated all your problems and worries to somebody who can crack them much more easily and handle my responsibilities in a much better way. But publically, people's expectations form my character and conduct increase exponentially. People have started looking at me as a maverick and expect me to do mighty, unimaginable things. So my question is that should a person shed-off that Superman's self-image before getting baptized?? Which is the very driving force for many people to get baptized. But getting baptized is like walking on the path of Dashmesh pitaah who is our all time hero, Superman, savior/ God, but after doing so why do I feel scared getting carried away?? or it's just those mental locks of bad deeds done by me in my life before baptism."
  • Question 3 - "I am inherently a good person; why as a Sikh should I take Amrit? Isn't just good karmas sufficient to gain a position in heaven? / I want to know that will guru ji accept me if i am not baptized and cut my hair but still i remember him in everything i do...don’t do anything wrong to anyone.....go to Gurudwara."

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