L-FRESH The LION - Survive (ft. MK-1)

'Survive' by L-FRESH The LION

[VIDEO] This Popular music video by Australian Sikh hip-hop artist L-Fresh "Survive" (featuring MK-1) started ...

This Popular music video by Australian Sikh hip-hop artist L-Fresh "Survive" (featuring MK-1) started spreading on the internet this week.



Certainly worth the while to watch, this video features excellent videography with charming pictures of Sikh faces smiling throughout. But this piece of art is not just good on the eyes, it's good for the ears and the heart. It powerfully speaks about the Sikh identity. His words speak from the spirit of the newer generation, looking to the future and yet not forgetting our lineage:

"I bow my head to the Guru that raised me and pay respect to the saints cuz your wisdom aids me. We went from fightin with words to fightin with swords, then survivin the times, now we're fightin with minds. I feel the winds of change and it tends to amaze me." 

L-Fresh writes about this work on his facebook page:

This video is close to my heart. It showcases the diversity of my community, the Sikh community, here in Australia. We don't get a lot of love in the mainstream. And we get stereotyped a lot.

So with this video, I wanted to show you who we are and how open we are. I wanted to showcase us in a different light. There's a bit more info about my community in the video description on YouTube along with the video credits and song credits.

I hope you enjoy it. If it resonates with you then please share it.

This song is the latest single from my upcoming debut album, titled "One", which is due for release this coming Friday 9th May. You can pre-order the album here:

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"Everybody in a place with me, put your fists in the air where they're meant to be."

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