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Seva of a Raaj Yogi

Singh Sahib Guru Bachan Singh, who had recently returned from his amazing travels, is no stranger to seva....

Recently a few of us in the office heard the news that a friend of ours, Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, had left his body. We quickly decided to organize an evening gurduara service to have the sangat together to chant and sing in his honor. We sent emails and started organizing. My friend said, "Now who can we call to volunteer to help make langar who will come right now?" A lot of people were out of town or working so I suggested we ask Guru Bachan Singh. 

Singh Sahib Guru Bachan Singh, who had recently returned from his amazing travels, is no stranger to seva. He serves anyone who enters into his house. It is said that only a fool goes to his home with a full stomach, he has been called a "feeding machine". The last time I was at his house he invited me to sit down while he cooked one of his own recipes which was delicious. I admit I felt a little funny as I sat and ate while he went back and forth from the kitchen to feed everyone at the table. THIS great man is working while WE are relaxing?! But I also know that it is his pleasure to serve.

I highly respect Guru Bachan Singh. Whenever I talk with him I feel a great presence and that something is coming through him, something beyond himself. I cherish the time I spend with him, he always has a way to see your garbage, confront it, see your light, expose it and leave you with a smile... and of coarse a full stomach. Dare I say he is a mahapursh. If a mahapursh is someone who knows things they shouldn't know, has an uncanny ability to say just what a person needs to hear and kindly encourages them to be steady with their spiritual practice... than he absolutely is one.

He has certainly changed many people's lives. Every year, for over a decade, he funds himself to travel to South America to give talks on spirituality and what it means to be human. He is an expert at finding the excellence in others and creating an atmosphere that regular people can relate to.

In the past few years he has added another tour to Asia where he visits several cities in China. Singh Sahib Guru Bachan Singh Khalsa is a world known teacher who has touched many thousands. He has advised presidential cabinets and helped to implement mindfulness to school kids in South America as well as other advise to high levels of government. He is the only person to be allowed to speak in the congressional hall in Santiago Chile who is not the prime minister himself. His prestige in the world is very impressive. 

On this day he was only asked to help make langar which he readily agreed to do. Besides a few friendly remarks to other volunteers he quietly came and helped. When it was done he asked the coordinator who is a quarter his age, "Is there anything else I can do to help?" After the service he, as usual, helped serve langar to the sangat. 

If all you saw of him was how he came to help on this day you would never guess how many people adore and respect him. You would be surprised that he is seen as a king in the eyes of many thousands. You wouldn't have a clue of what great stature and respect he is held by leaders and important figures throughout the world. You would just think that one of the sevadars was a very tall and helpful person.

Man neevaa, mat oochee. Oh God, please keep our heads low and our actions high. May we always be blessed to be in the company of the holy.

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