Important Message from the SikhNet Staff

Important Message from the SikhNet Staff

The SikhNet staff share their thoughts about SikhNet & why you should support this valuable service which helps so m...

Sarbat da Bhala

As Sikhs, we live to serve, inspire and elevate others. That's SikhNet's mission. We serve the youth with new media. We serve Sikhs around the world with guidance and inspiration from our videos and Gurbani. We serve anyone who wants to know about Sikhs and the Sikh way of life with comprehensive information. This is what we do! Please participate in this seva with us.

Even with a small staff, we continue to be innovative. This year we want to expand and do more, and we need YOUR support. If everyone reading this gives $5/month or more we will be able to continue fulfilling our mission.

Thank You,

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