Apana Punjab Introduction

Apana Punjab: Documentary

Made by Hazoori Raagi Sada Sat Simran Singh and his wife Gurudas Kaur Khalsa, this 6 part crucial documentary explores t...

This film premiered on YouTube in 2008. It is a documentary about the farming problems in the Amritsar District of the Punjab, India. Made by Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa and Guru Das Kaur Khalsa, this film takes a look into the problems and solutions in the Agriculture Industry in India. Given what has happened in the last few years with farmers committing suicide in Punjab due to the stress of debt imposed by international agricultural corporations, this video documents the forces leading up to the present troubles.

The documentary is in 7 parts, for a combined total watching time of 37 minutes and 57 seconds.

To learn more about what is happening today, see the trailer for "A Little Revolution - A Story of Suicides and Dreams" by Harpreet Kaur.

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