Grooving with the kids

Mandira Bedi talks about shaking a leg in a childrens' music video and why she is a 'soft' target...

Mandira Bedi will soon be starring in a childrens' music video. The music video is choreographed by Saroj Khan. It will be created on the remixed version of the Mauja Hi Mauja audio track from the film Jab We Met.

There is no audition, no jury. The children just need to be their 'fundoo' selves to participate in the contest (for Nick's Fundoo Superstar show).

Mandira says, "I love the concept because children can just be themselves and there is no stress of competing. I am glad I have this opportunity to be a child again."

Apart from the music video, Mandira has just completed shooting for Sanjay Jha's Mumbai Chakachak. In the film, she plays an independent woman who works for an NGO and follows the instincts of her heart.

Chandrakant Kulkarni's Meerabai Not Out is another of Mandira's forthcoming films. Here, she plays the role of a cricket-crazy woman.

Mandira has no plans to act in any more soaps in future. Talking about her experience in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, she says, "Kyuki had reached such a point where I could not relate anymore with the character I was playing. It had become too negative and it was difficult for me to carry on further. I spoke to Ekta about this and she understood my situation. Finally, I quit the soap."

She says she had recently refused to be a part of a ghutkha commercial because she could not relate to the brand she was asked to endorse.

"I had been offered many ghutka commercials earlier, but I refused to promote them. In such cases I always find asking myself 'Do I really relate with the thing I am going to do?' If I don't find a connection in between, I don't take up the role," she adds.

Finally, we asked her a little bit about the tattoo controversy and she reacted, "I think people find me a soft target. The symbol I got tattooed is Ik Onkar, which means one God. It is a central tenet of Sikh religious philosophy.

"I am a Sikh myself and deeply respect my religion's values. It's very funny sometimes people can be so unpredictable. I still haven't got the tattoo removed but I prefer not to display it in public."

-By Ankit Ajmera
[email protected]

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