The Turbanizer: Get Transformed !

Cool new website to virtually see what you look like with various style turbans....

Ok, it's just about friday so now for a bit of fun. Last year myself and Ashvinder Singh were brainstorming ideas for an all new RateMyTurban website where you could purchase stylish turban fabrics for all kinds of festive occasions (or for every day use too!). The idea was to promote the regalness of the Turban and make it more fashionable so people could go beyond the basic black or single colored turban (patterns and all!). One of the ideas I got was to have a way for someone to virtually try on a turban and see it with different fabric styles. The idea was that it would be fun and draw more people to the website as well. Some of the hair/makeup companies use this method for trying different hair styles and colors, so I thought why not a turban?? Anyways, Ashvinder Singh went running with this idea and rather than doing another Rate My Turban website he came up with this cool website (Turbanizer) based on this simple concept of seeing what you might look with a turban on (or a different style).

 When you go to the website you upload a picture (from your computer, webcam, or various websites online) and then you have a chance to choose from many different turban styles, some Sikh styles and others from various cultures. You can move it around and size it to fit. The trick is to use a photo that is close up and you are facing straight ahead (otherwise the turban won't fit right). You can pick the Manmohan Singh Pagh, or the famous Siri Chand Turban, the desi Punjabi pagh along with various nihang style dhumallas.

Anyways, your sure to have some good fun trying on various style turbans and then sending them to your friends and family. Sure you could do this in photoshop but it's good fun, and so easy. You can even buy a custom T-Shirt with your "Turbanized picture" on it with a simple click after you are done. 

Here are two Turbanized pictures of my son Narayan and daughter Charanjeet Kaur:

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