Kinng Akshay holds court.

Is he about to dethrone Shah Rukh? Akki answers this, and talks some more.

Akshay Kumar just can't stop making news. Be it for rapping with American superstar Snoop Dogg or setting the stage on fire during the inaugural show of the Bachchans' Unforgettable tour in Toronto, Akki remains in the headlines.

Looking at the promos of "Singh is Kinng" it is but obvious that it is an out an out Akshay Kumar film. One can see the effort that the actor has taken to put this film a notch above the rest.

As we await the August 8 release of the movie, a chat with the ‘kinng' himself:

How did you get this title for the movie?

A couple of years ago while I was travelling back from Jaipur, I saw this punch line on a truck, which was being driven by a Sikh. I immediately thought of making this punch line the title of a film. Moreover, I told Vipul about this. And that led to the creation of the film "Singh is Kinng". I even told Anees Bazmee, who has been very close to the Sikh community, about my plans. He decided to join in and we started this film, "Singh is Kinng".

It is heard that the movie was shown to a group of Sikh authority? What was their contribution?

That is true. A group of authority present from the Sikh community were shown the movie much before its release. There was an important reason behind this. Since the story line relates more with the protagonist who belongs to the Sikh community, the makers thought it apt to do so. They also felt that in case the Sikh authority felt that somewhere the scenes may have been misinterpreted, and some corrections were required, it would help the makers correct the same and this in turn would avoid hurting anybody's sentiments.

In our industry, you come across negative people also. However, we are from the positive school of thought so we went ahead with those changes. Not all could be changed, as the film was already made, but whatever the authorities from the community suggested we happily did so.

Even I belong to the same community but as a Mona Punjabi. I may not know the minutest details, but for that matter so many of us are unaware about the minutest details.

So there was not much hesitation in following the authorities at least before the release. Also these gentlemen are a part of the censor board so our action served dual purpose.

You left your schedule and returned from South Africa to reshoot some parts of the movie?

Yes, there were some scenes in the film which required to be redone. I therefore flew down from the South Africa just to finish the reshoot of "Singh is Kinng".

What about your new look in the film?

There are many changes in my look.... especially with the pagdi (turban). I feel that there should not be any hesitation in making such changes, only that it should not hurt anyone, knowingly or unknowingly.

What do you feel about Sikhs often being the subject of jokes?

I feel Sikhs have been presented only for the wrong reasons in the form of jokes. However, I personally feel that Sikhs have a brighter side too. For instance they are one of the brave ones. In fact, I kept telling Vipul that we would reshoot some scenes and bring about changes in the area of concern.

I also wanted the positive aspect of the character of the Sikhs to be showcased through this film. Spreading a positive aura not only for Sikhism but for human beings in general is what I intend to do.

The hard-hitting, negative things that we watch in the news result in creating sadness. Through our film, we have tried to create a positive attitude and spread happiness.

Are you trying to get the title of King from King Khan?

(Laughs) Why should I try to get the title of King? (Pointing out at the photographer busy clicking him) Look at his attitude of clicking pictures. This is what makes him the king in his own field. One does not demand the position of a King; he should command it.

 It is heard that Vipul Shah has liked the film a lot and is very confident about the look of the film. He has also announced the making of a sequel. Given a chance, would you play this role with the pagdi again?

Well, it is simple... If my new look has been liked by most of my female fans, I do not mind playing and experimenting with this look repeatedly.

Were you comfortable wearing a pagdi?

Yes, I enjoyed wearing a pagdi. Actually, it was hot out there but due to my pagdi I remained very cool. Rest of them nearly died of heat without a pagdi. Incidentally even the heroine Katrina Kaif could not have the privilege of wearing a pagdi.

by Lipika Verma

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