Beloved mother, Mata Ajmer Kaur Khalsa

On the Antham ardass smagam of beloved mother of a prominent revolutionary preacher

Beloved mother of a prominent revolutionary preacher, Mata Ajmer Kaur Khalsa(Village: Chehlan)

The greatness of a tree in a garden is judged by its fragrance and its beauty. In other words, the greatness and superbness of a mother is a reflection of her child's life.

That's why the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji from the sacred womb of Mata Tripta Ji was given utmost respect in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Gurbani says:
Dhan Dhan Pitaa Dhan Dhan Kul Dhan Dhan So Jannee Jin Guroo Jani-aa Maa-ay
Whenever the child's coming into this world has been fruitful, then Bhaggat Fareed Ji has written in the bani:
Tin Dhan janaydee Maa-oo Aa-ay safal say
Today is the Antham Ardaas Samagam of a great sikh jewel, Mata Ajmer Kaur Khalsa ( Village: Chahlan , District: Fatehgarh Sahib). The passing of Mataji is very meaningful and brings a great importance to Sikh Panth as Mataji has gave birth to a renowned Sikh preacher, Bhai Ram Singh Ji. In commemoration of Mataji, apart from prominent Sikhs and political figures, enormous crowd of the Sikh sangat is also anticipated at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha,Amloh.

Mata Ajmer Kaur was born in the year 1926 nearby a village name Nangla. The village is located near one of the Sikh Panth's holiest shrine, Takhat Shri Damdama Sahib. Mataji got married to Sardar Waryam Singh Khalsa, who lives a very simple and humble life. Mataji's daily routine was to sit and listen to Katha on Gurbani which eventually influenced their sikhi way of life. Both husband and wife humbly supplicated and requested to bless them with a child that will one day turn up to be a sikh preacher. Their 16years of wait finally paid off when they were blessed with a wonderful child. Upon performing the Sikh rituals, the first letter of the Hukumnama was rhah-rah,R.

The blessed couple kept the name Ram Singh for their new born child. Mataji had a dream that she would like to see her son preaching gurbani. Though due to some unforeseen circumstances mataji could not complete her education, this did not stop her from reciting 5 pauri jap ji whenever she feeds her son. She would sit by her son and pet him whenever he is fast asleep, she would also warn the family members not to make noise but listen to katha.

Although mataji was uneducated, she would always tell her husband Sardar Waryam Singh that she want to make sure that her son obtain highest education so that he would be good at contemplating Gurbani. She fulfilled her desires by making sure her son completed Degree. She instilled the love for sikhi right from the beginning of her sons education by tying a Dastar for him. In order to describe the greatness of a tree, its somehow important to talk about its beauty and its fragrance. Same goes here, to describe the superbness of Mataji its also important to talk about her one and only child, Bhai Ram Singh the noted kathavachik of the sikh panth. Bhai Sahib has started preaching Gurbani during his school and college days. Upon completion of worldly education, Bhai Sahib furher pursued in Gurmat studies and Missionary course. In the year 2000, Bhai Sahib Ji was called on by the Gurugyan Mission chairman to spread Sikhism amongst the younger generation. Various programmes such as Gurmat classes, Gurmat quizzes and Gurmat camps were introduced by Bhai Sahib. Furthermore, to strengthen the root that was laid by our 10th master,Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bhai Sahib has travelled extensively to various parts of the world including Australia,New Zealand, Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Hong Kong, Kenya,Uganda,Mumbai,Delhi,Khanna,Amloh,etc.

Upon seeing Bhai Sahib's humble service to the sikh panth, back then the president of S.G.P.C,Sardar Kirpal Singh Bdoongar elected Bhai Sahib as the management member of the Guru Nanak Khalsa College. Mata Ajmer Kaur Khalsa Ji, left her physical body at the age of 81 years on the 8th of August. Matji's death news was followed on by so many phone calls from every part of the world to convey their heartfelt sympathies to Bhai Sahib and family. Today, though it is not possible for sikh sangat all over the world to join together in the Antham Ardaas, but their humble request to the almighty is that may God bless Mataji's soul and may every mother give birth to a child to serve the panth and the mankind.


Report by: Bhusan Sood (Press Reporter Punjabi Tribune)    

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