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"My husband is Amritdhaari Sikh and he is divorcing me after domestic violence and abuse and making false criminal charges on me just fter 6 months of our marriage.. I was married here and came from India and was confiend at home for 6 months..there were many daily instances of differential treatment with me and of abuse with me daily..i still believed that my husband loved me but after he put me through the most horrible situation, i still can't let go fo the feeling fo love towards him..everyone is saying I am saved by Waheguru but why do i still want to be with..i still want to talk to him once..i was thrown out of their house in a demeaning way and still i have feelings for him..why? What should i do...he has applied for divorce too and i dont want to divorce him..i love him truly and i have no one to go back to..my parents are not alive..am homeless in a foreign country..why did he do this to me after all this sikhi talk at his home and i was to take Amrit with him on this Baisakhi..why is this happening?"


Here are some of the answers given to this question on the forum:

  • "The first thing to do is Ardaas and ask Guru ji to guide you. You can also contact Sikh Helpline they deal with things like domestic abuse and have a 24-hour helpline http://sikhhelpline.com/domestic-abuse."
  • "You still want to be with your husband because you are ill and suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome.What you should do now is to call sikhhelpline like gn suggested."
  • "Do you have any friends, anyone at the Gurdwara that can help you? try to find a place in a shelter and they might be able to help you to find a job. We cannot say why he did this. It has nothing to do with you and it was not your fault. Love shouldn't hurt and it doesn't have to hurt."


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