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Dear EcoSikh Supporter,

LangarToSangat (74K)We want to thank you for your continuous encouragement and support to EcoSikh, the only Sikh organization working on environmental issues. Your support has made a huge difference.

Punjab is facing an imminent environmental disaster. In November 2017, for the first time in the history, schools and colleges in Punjabby affecting children and the elderly. With your support, we have been trying to create awareness on these issues in gurdwaras and in media by inspiring people to care for nature.

There are other disastrous environmental challenges Punjab is facing. Groundwater is disappearing and land and rivers are polluted. There is only 7% of forest area left. Every day, 18 cases of cancer are registered and 42 people lose their lives. Due to generous support from donors like you, we have conducted workshops and seminars in schools and colleges to sensitize hundreds of students on these issues and engage them to take action.

80% of farmers own 1-3 acres of land and they are facing financial hardships. With your support, EcoSikh has worked with gurdwaras, including Darbar Sahib, to switch to organic farming and langars. Our team has also been training farmers to switch to organic farming so that they can make a respectable living. EcoSikh is now creating a business model for farmers to market their products directly to consumers and survive economically.

Sikh Environment Day, started by EcoSikh, has become a worldwide phenomenon and over 4100 gurdwaras and institutions celebrated in 2017. With your support, Sikhs are now being recognized as a community who care for nature and other living beings, which is a great perception for people to have of Sikhs.

We have celebrated Amritsar Foundation Day in the heart of Sikhism for the last five years! Its citizens, including youth, have joined, to care for its ecology and sustainability.

Sikhs have not gotten the needed recognition on the world stage, and many times we are not at the table when important deliberations on global issues, including climate change, are taking place. Due to your encouragement and support, EcoSikh has represented the Sikh perspective at these forums in Paris, Japan, Washington, Rome, Switzerland and United Kingdom. EcoSikh has also been invited by the United Nations, the World Bank and the White House for meetings on climate change and other global issues.

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EcoSikh in Switzerland

As you can see, there is a lot of work that is yet to be done and we must continue with your full moral and financial backing.

We are counting on you making EcoSikh your favourite charity and donating today.

We sincerely hope that you will!

With appreciation,

Dr. Rajwant Singh
EcoSikh President
202 460 0630

India Office:
268-B, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar
Ludhiana | 141012

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