Volunteers respond to Heathrow chaos with compassion

“After the tragic events of Manchester, it is important we demonstrate faith in action....

As disruption continued at Heathrow Airport after computer failure, volunteers from the local charity Nishkam S.W.A.T. responded by distributing free water bottles to those displaced by flight delays and cancellations.

Over 2,000 bottles of water were distributed in the overwhelming heat for stranded passengers at Terminal 5, by Nishkam S.W.A.T. volunteers. They were welcomed by kind words and gratitude, which were shared across social networks, for creating some comfort in the undesirable situation.

One social media user commented: “Guys you (Nishkam S.W.A.T.) did yourself proud today. Well done for your hard work and your giving. Tonight you helped with a tough day for myself. If it was not for security officers helping passengers and you guys handing out free water, the passengers would have been very unhappy.”

Driven by the Sikh ethos of selfless service, the faith inspired charity includes a diversity of multi-faith and no-faith volunteers, who believe in a shared duty to serve and protect humanity. The Sikhs are known across the world for Langar (free kitchen) which is set up by the Guru Nanak to serve and feed others. Nishkam S.W.A.T. took the Heathrow crises as an opportunity to apply the practice of Langar and uplift society.

Randeep Singh Lall, Global Operations Director said: "We saw an opportunity to serve humanity, which is exactly what we did and will continue to do.

“After the tragic events of Manchester, it is important we demonstrate faith in action. There is no challenge that we cannot endure when united for the common good and when helping fellow humans."

Fights have now begun to resume, however Nishkam S.W.A.T. will continue to assess the situation, providing support where needed.

Photo: Nishkam S.W.A.T. volunteers jump at the opportunity to serve stranded passengers at Heathrow. 

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