It's Vaisakhi and my hearts turned saffron

It's time to charah the Nishan Sahib in my life

It's Vaisakhi and this is the Va-sakhi of my ancestors legacy

The sound of the Nagara makes my heart pound

It's the day of the Nagar Kirtan and I'm overflowing with excitement

I hope the gunn of the Sadh Sangat rub off on me as they walk past

I'm talking daya, dhiraj, dharam, himmat, mokham and sahibta

The embodiment of these gunn I see in the Panj Pyare

They walk in front of Guru Ji in their Chola and with their three foot Siri
Sahib, I've started to get inspired

I've met friends and family and we engage in langar di seva

The langar is abundant and even the wider community are enjoying it

The Kirtan played by the Raagi Singhs is vibrating in my every pore

I take a breath and do some more simran, saas graas

It's Vaisakhi and it's the day of my Amrit Sanchar

My kesh are still wet and I need to tie my Bunga tight and sajaa my Dastar

I put on my Bana so I can look the best for my Guru

I remember today i will see Guru Jee in three forms like Bhai Nand Lal Singh

Sargun in the form of the Panj Pyare and the Khalsa, Nirgun Parkash Roop if
i'm lucky, and Guru Shabad in the form of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj

I’ve just been blessed with Khande de Pahul and words can't describe my

I now have new spiritual parents in the form of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj
and Mata Sahib Kaur Ji

The Hukamnama the Paati took just blew my mind. I will keep a note of it and
frame it somewhere

Guru Ji just spoke to me and said what was in my heart and mind

Guru Ji has accepted me into his beloved court and I'm ready to live the rest
of my life as Khalsa

I'm talking Amrit Vela, Simran, Seva, Nitnem and Sadh Sangat

I'm looking forward to the Rehansabhai later today

Its Vaisakhi and this is the Va-sakhi of my life

Its Vaisakhi and this is the akhi of a one time Amrit Ablakhi.

Gurveer Singh is a creative artist and the founder of Creative Amritdharis
and The Sikh Poets Corner.

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