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When an interdisciplinary artist Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu crosses paths with Deep Kaur Kailey, the Artistic Director of progressive arts organisation Without Shape Without Form and the Senior Curator of Contemporary Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), Meneesha Kaur Kellay – magic unfolds! 


Unstruck Melody was an inspiring collaboration between sevadaar-led arts organisation Without Shape Without Form and Canadian artist Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu which revealed the knowledge of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to those from all walks of life. The large-scale tapestries, mixed-media paintings, and a take-away publication served as tools for visitors to engage with the universal practice of Simran and embark on a transformative journey of the mind.

The installation’s title is the direct translation of Anhad Shabad, or Shabad Guru, the internal sound that can be heard within us all through deep listening – the access point to knowledge. By allowing the mind to actively listen to ‘unstruck melody’ and merge with its sound, freedom and peace can be obtained. The first tool needed to hear this powerful sound is Simran, the focused practice which eliminates thoughts; the barrier between us and Waheguru. 

Friday Late - Digital-81 (1).jpg

Unstruck Melody left its mark on thousands, becoming a space not only for showcasing Nep Sidhu's artistic expression but also for spiritual reflection: “you leave with a mind-blowing sense of self”. The heartfelt sentiments of visitors showcase the sense of tranquillity and togetherness that this truly special experience brought to the hearts and minds of London. Watch the highlights here.

Alongside the installation and as part of the V&A Friday Late, 'Deeper' featured vocalist Rona El-Essawy (aka MidnightRoba) and musician Miles Spilsbury, who responded to Simran by Charanjot Kaur. Together they created an immersive soundscape that transcended the commotion of London city for a moment of profound connection and calm. The Raphael Cartoons gallery was filled with hundreds partaking in Simran as Sangat for the night. 

Without Shape Without Form continue to share Sikh  knowledge through their touring exhibition ‘Journey of the Mind’ at Cromwell Place, London from 21 February - 3 March 2024. For more information, please visit https://www.withoutshapewithoutform.com/journey-of-the-mind


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