Unprecedented Wildfires Prompt United Sikhs to Mobilize Efforts

The U.N. Affiliated Organization's Aid operation has already delivered multiple loads of essential aid

(New York, January 20, 2020) ‒  As ferocious bushfires continue to rage across South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, the UNITED SIKHS Australia team continues to assist with the relief operation. In a national emergency that has tested the limits of the Australian government and claimed 28 lives, Sikhs are following the basic humanitarian principles of their faith to unconditionally assist those who need it most. 

"The Australian fires are an unimaginable catastrophe that has been raging for months," said Gurvinder Singh, UNITED SIKHS Director, Australia. "The survivors are desperate for anything that can help, some of them have almost everything."  "We are trying to step in and do our part in the face of an overwhelming disaster," Singh added.  

With the help of dedicated volunteers, the UNITED SIKHS organization is assisting with collecting, sorting, packing and delivering the emergency suppliers with water bottles, perishable and non–perishable items, household supplies and medical essentials. Volunteers have brought whole trucks full of everyday essentials such as toiletries, diapers, baby food, formula milk, canned food, rice, flour, cooking oil, long life milk and pasta. UNITED SIKHS also delivered first aid kits in the New South Wales area for animals in rescue shelters. 

A message from Atwinder Singh. Click anywhere on the image to watch the video on Facebook.

The bushfires began in September of 2019 and, in addition to almost thirty human lives, have led to the extensive  destruction of natural wildlife and the environment. 12.35 million hectares of land have been scorched by the blaze, which is larger than the entire country of South Korea, and has resulted in more than 5,900 demolished buildings. Some estimates believe that 480 million animals and organisms have been lost. 

The immense bushfires have caused tens of thousands of people to flee in a mass evacuation. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews declared a state of disaster for East Gippsland, urging people to flee bushfire zones. The fires are so enormous they have created their own weather systems, with thunderstorms appearing above the burn zones.  

The extent and intensity of the blaze has been compared to the destructive power of an atomic bomb by the New York Times. Though rain has recently begun to arrive and given residents hope, the fire season still has another month before it ends. UNITED SIKHS volunteers will remain vigilant, and are ready to help with whatever additional disasters the future may bring. You can contribute to this relief program by donating and volunteering with UNITED SIKHS.

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Sarbat da Bhala,
UNITED SIKHS International Team

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