My son is grown up now and happily working and living his life, but I remember the days when I was working full time, taking on side work, attending to his school and after school activities, health crises, and a hundred other important things. 

At that time, finding any time at all to do my Nitnem was a job on its own - getting up hours before school or work, closeting myself downstairs so no one would wake up, almost whispering so I could complete them before the day started…

But doing my Banis always made me happy. The practice set the pace for the busy day ahead, and I felt more composed and able to take on whatever the day brought. 

Today we are presenting you with the first gift in our year-end Banis series: Bani: Unlock the Power of Your Prayer. This beautiful ebook is sheer inspiration and encouragement to delve deeply into your morning Nitnem ritual. With historical background and tips, this e-book gift brings nourishment and insight into your own daily practice.

Click here to get your free copy of Bani: Unlock the Power of Your Prayer.

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