*Based on an article by Taranjit Singh, published in Courageous and Gritty Sikhs on 25th January 2013. We are highlighting this article to honor inspirational moments from the past.


Sikhs are known for their bravery and courage. They have a rich history of standing up for what they believe in and fearlessly defending their beliefs. One example of this courage was recently seen in Mumbai during the Prakash Gurpurab celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. As the festivities were winding down, an important announcement brought excitement: 'Fauja Singh is Running the Mumbai Marathon'.

Fauja Singh's participation in the Mumbai Marathon added to the spirit of celebration and admiration for the Sikh community. His determination and endurance echoed the values upheld by Sikhs throughout history. The news resonated widely, highlighting the indomitable spirit and resilience of Sikhs, inspiring many with his remarkable feat. Fauja Singh's involvement served as a reminder of the bravery and strength that characterize the Sikh community, leaving a lasting impression on all who heard of his participation.

The First Face

The Sikhs of Mumbai felt a strong urge to honor Sardar Fauja Singh, a remarkable figure in both marathoning and humanity. At 101 years old, Sardar Fauja Singh holds world records in marathons and hails from the UK. Determined to show our support, people decided to attend the marathon and cheer him on, ensuring he felt the warmth of his community's welcome. People’s preparations included crafting vibrant placards with encouraging messages for Fauja Singh, spreading the word among friends and family through messages, calls, and social media, and procuring a box of his favorite sweets, Pinnies (Pinniyan).

According to reports, Fauja Singh was set to participate in the 4.3-kilometer Senior Citizens’ Marathon. Holding placards high, people chanted spirited slogans like 'FAUJA SINGH ZINDABAD' and 'SINGH IS KING FAUJA SINGH.' Amidst the excitement, we spotted a lone figure in a yellow turban swiftly navigating through the throng, and the joyful cry went up: 'HE IS HERE --- FAUJA SINGH JI IS HERE'.

As he neared, a small group of Sikhs participating in the marathon caught his eye. Pausing briefly, he greeted people with a radiant smile and glanced at our placards before resuming his run. His smile, like a beacon of warmth, lit up the moment as he ran the final 500 meters.
At the end, despite offers of assistance, he waved them away, declaring, "Leave me, I am not tired." Amidst the flurry of camera flashes, he graciously posed with admirers. It was then that we introduced ourselves, and I stepped forward to warmly embrace him. Expressing his joy at seeing fellow Sikhs in Mumbai, he embraced me back with a strength belying his age, remarking on the inspiration he draws from the sight of young men proudly wearing turbans.

The Second Face

In the bustling hall, amidst admiration for Fauja Singh ji's resilience, another figure caught everyone's attention. Quietly seated with his family, away from the glare of cameras, he piqued curiosity among onlookers. Intrigued, they approached his family to learn more about him.

Meet Sardar Angaddev Singh Duggal, a 26-year-old from Juhu, Mumbai, undeterred by multiple disabilities ,in his pursuit of marathon glory. Despite his challenges, Angaddev Singh remains a regular at the Mumbai Marathon, having participated for the past six years. Each year, he eagerly joins the 'Champions with Disability' race, displaying remarkable determination.

Accompanied by his family, including his father Sardar G. S. Duggal, Angaddev Singh embodies the spirit of Mumbai. During the 2.4 km race from CST Station to Churchgate Station and back, he walked alongside his supportive family, who ensured he had a chair for resting along the way. Their resilience and determination reflect the indomitable spirit of the Sikh community, inspiring others to strive for their goals despite adversity. If they can achieve their dreams under such challenging circumstances, surely we all can too!

The two courageous SIkhs inspire us with their unwavering courage, showing us that age and boundaries should never hinder our determination. Their bravery transcends barriers, reminding us to persevere in the face of adversity. Whether young or old, Sikhs embody resilience and strength, motivating us to keep moving forward despite the challenges we encounter. Their spirit teaches us the importance of fearlessness and conviction, inspiring us to embrace life's journey with courage and determination. In their actions, we find a guiding light that encourages us to overcome obstacles and strive for our goals, no matter the obstacles in our path.



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