Turban Day at Tom Wood Lexus


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A few months after starting employment at Tom Wood Lexus, Gurpreet Singh of Greenwood, Indiana, was approached by several co-workers who had many questions. His appearance aroused curiosity. "How long is your hair?", "Have you ever cut it?", "How do you wrap that turban?", were some of the most common questions that were asked. Inspired by this curiosity, Gurpreet decided to hold a "Turban Day". "I wanted my co-workers to get a taste of being in my shoes for one day, so I decided to tie turbans on everyone who was interested. I picked a date close to Vaisakhi so that I could educate them more about Sikhism and how the Khalsa Panth was created."

Turban Day was a success! Gurpreet felt heightened respect from his co-workers, supervisors and managers. "Everyone had a great time that day!" Gurpreet intends to turn this into an annual Sikh Awareness day at his workplace.

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Gurpreet Singh, 19, is an avid member of Chardi Kala Sikh Youth Society of the Mid-West, whose mission is to partake in selfless service and spread awareness of Sikhism by education both in the immediate and wider communities.


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