Teaching our History to Young Singhs with 'Dream Big Little Singh'

There is a lot of history in this small package.

Just like its prequel 'Dream Big Little Kaur' the book attempts to make great heroes in Sikh history relatable to very young children.

dream big singh page 2.jpg

Each personality from history is matched with a virtue. Then the child is asked how they can adopt that virtue. Here are the historic figures and the virtues they are matched with: 

Bhai Mardana ji - Friendship

Baba Buddha ji - Wisdom

Bhai Gurdas ji - Humility

Bhai Nand Lal ji - Creativity

Bhai Ghanaiya ji - Kindness

Panj Piare - Leadership

Vadde Sahibzaade - Bravery

Chhote Sahibzaade - Justice

Bhai Bhikari ji - Acceptance of God's Will

Bhai Mani Singh ji - Multi-talented

dream big singh page 3.jpg

What a great way to instill values in the young ones! This is the kind of creative approach to teaching that we need in our rapidly changing world where the needs of the youth outgrow our ability to understand them. 

This new animation is sure to inspire the children in your life. Do share this lovely work with anyone you know who has young children. 

dream big singh page 9.jpg

Written by: Curious Khalsa
Published by: Brave Lion Books
Illustrated & Animated by: Pardeep Singh
Produced by: SikhNet

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