Sustainable & Ethical “Prasad” For Gurudwaras To Boost Immunity

I am the founder of Asawaree and through our projects we support community women....

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I am the founder of Asawaree and through our projects we support community women. Our work revolves around the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Good Health and Wellbeing

  2. Gender Equality

  3. Climate Action

When the first Pandemic lockdown was announced in India, I knew I have to re-connect myself to Nanak and his philosophy with environment and nature. Now that I was home Schooling my 5 year old son, I encouraged and engaged him in growing Herbs and Microgreens. Instead of growing them in hazardous plastic pots, I grew them in coconut coir pots. Since we live in Bangalore, Karnataka we get coconut in abundance. Hence, I replaced plastic pots with BIODEGRADABLE COCOCOIR POTS. 

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Our herbs are grown in the most nutritional growing medium – Cocopeat capsules. These capsules expand upon soaking in water for an hour. Microgreens are the most nutrient rich food on the planet. Being a Sikh Woman Entrepreneur and a mother to a young toddler, I highly encourage Holistic food  for a soulful living to build a healthy family and nation.

Our current project focuses on distributing these Eco Friendly, Non Plastic, Biodegradable Herbs and Microgreen pots in Gurdwaras especially for children and women as “Prasad” and become role model to the world in the field of Sustainability and Ethical living. Mental well - Being is another area which we seek to resolve via our project. The process of sowing seeds, germinating and harvesting is therapeutic to mind and body. Hence, these DIY Biodegradable growing kits will help families to involve in constructive activities and cherish the harvest process. We must keep in mind that domestic violence is rising since the world’s been hit with the Pandemic. Our gurdwaras cater to people from all caste and backgrounds, especially in India. If via our ethical food growing kits families can come together and bond, we will succeed in our mission!

We have previously conducted workshops on Ayurvedic herbs and plants amongst school children. Post Pandemic, Asawaree plans to provide similar workshops at religious centres and Gurdwaras. 

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One of the vital elements to beat the virus is to boost one’s immunity. By growing medicinal herbs like – Tulsi, basil, rosemary, thyme or even broccoli Microgreens in these biodegradable pots we encourage people to eat healthy and soulful food. I am sure this is what Nanak once vision.

We are seeking support from our community people and like - minded to help us reach our target of spreading 550 of these BIODEGRADABLE HERB POTS by the end of November 2020. Any support and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to reach us via our website:

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