Sukhmani - The Jewel of Bliss

Sukh-Vert (1K)

Our Sikh Gurus have given the humanity the most precious treasure in the form of Bani. Gurbani infuses the love for Almighty Waheguru and inspires us to attain the divine virtues to get united with Almighty Waheguru. Among the bani of Guru Granth Sahib ji the bani of Sukhmani Sahib is very blissful and serene. The precious bani of Sukhmani Sahib ji was gifted to us by the Fifth Nanak, Sahib Shri Guru Arjan Sahib ji. Guru Arjan Sahib ji was a great saint, poet, scholar and musician. The bani of Sukhmani Sahib gives equipoise, grace, radiance, energy and the power to sacrifice.

Sukhmani Sukh Amrit Prabh Naam

Bhagat jaana ka man bisram.

In the first Ashtapadi only Guru ji inspires and encourages us to contemplate on Waheguru. He guides and instructs us to remember Waheguru with love and passion and all our sorrows and anguish will depart and our lives will bloom with gaiety.

simrao simar simar sukh paavao.

kal kalays tan maahi mitaavao.
naam sunat darad dukh lathaa.
jaa kai man laagaa parabh meethaa.
sarab sookh taahoo man voothaa.
man har kay naam kee pareet sukh daaee.

Remembering Waheguru means to see Him in his creation and see him in every act.
Remembering Waheguru means to make Him the central point in our life and our life should revolve around Him.This is real Simran.

This beautiful bani written with great love by Guru Arjan Sahib ji delineates the path of life for us. This bani instructs us to be in love with Waheguru and remember Waheguru every moment. The connection with supreme soul can be by building a relationship with Waheguru.

Sarab Dharam mein Sreshta Dharam Har Ko Naam Jap Nirmal Karam

Gobind Bhajan Bin Birthe Sab Kaaj

The main objective of Simran is to attain divine qualities and have very high moral character.

Ramaiya Ke Gun Chet Prani

By doing Simran vices can be annihilated.

Kaam krodh ar lobh moh binas jaye ahmev nanak prabh sarnagti kar parshad gurdev

The serene bani of our Guru Sahib inspires us to do good deeds as without good deeds everything is futile.

By doing Simran we can go closer to our Guru ji and understand his message. Simran is a constant reminder of Guru ji's message to our mind so that we can imbibe our Guruji's character and inculcate all divine qualities in us and annihilate the five enemies who are in constant war with us throughout our life. Simran is a guideline for our life. As we get closer to our Guru ji we become wonderful person and our life changes and we are in harmony with our environment. As we go near our Guru ji's radiance our life radiates. If we move away from our Guru and his message then we lose Guru ji's protection. Negative thoughts make our mind filthy and filthy mind perform bad deeds.

Guru ji's bani teaches us to be thankful for what Waheguru has imparted us and also we should accept his Hukam gracefully.

Jis Jan Apna Hukam Maneyaa

Sarab Thok Nanak Tin Paya

Guru Sahib's bani also enriches us with qualities like humbleness, veracity and contentment. In his bani Guru Sahib instructs us to accompany those people who have very high moral character and possess virtues.

sagal kiraa meh ootam kiriaa.

Saadh sang durmat mal hiriaa.
Sukhmani Sahib is a precious jewel which can change the thought process of a person and when the thought process goes on a correct path we start doing good deeds. When we do good deeds and bring happiness in other's life our own life gets glorified. Sorrows and adversities depart our life. Eternal peace dwells our mind and we start living a blissful life. Our Guru Sahib's bani has such transformative power that is why it is called Sukhmani Sahib.

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