The strength and love of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Mata Sundri ji

We went to see the movie Chaar Sahibzaade 2 by Harry Baweja this Friday....

We went to see the movie Chaar Sahibzaade 2 by Harry Baweja this Friday. When I walked out of the cinema, I had no words to explain how beautiful the movie was and what impact it made. It was specially one scene that remained in my heart, which I wanted to share with you. Don't read any further than this if you want to see the movie first??

Mata Sundri ji came from Delhi to Sabo ki Talwandi where Guruji was staying with a group of Sikhs. She was waiting eagerly to see her four sons, chaar sahibzaade and meet Guruji. She asked a follower to make churri (coarsely ground wheat crushed and cooked with ghee and sugar - source: wikipedia) for her sons, as she knew they liked it. This video song shows how eager she was. 

When she came to Gurujis darbaar, she saw the sangat and Guruji, but didn't see her four sons. She asked Guruji about their sons. Guruji pointed at the sangat and told her that her children were right before her. She asked again about chaar sahibzaade. Guruji told her that he could see the chaar sahibzaade in the sangat even if they now were martyred. Mata ji got emotional and started crying when she heard that her sons were no more. Guruji asked why should I cry for four, then I should cry for all the thousands of people that have sacrificed their lives. He continued to say "chaar moe toh kya hoa, jeevat kayi hazaar" ( translated: even if four have died, many thousands are still alive).

Mata ji stopped crying. She said she brought churri only for four sons, but Guruji blessed her with thousands of children. She asked the sewadaars to give the churri to the whole sangat - the ladies and gents in the sangat. She looked at them with eyes full of motherly love, and saw the chaar sahibzaade in the whole sangat.

What kind of love is this? That you love everyone as much as you love your own biological children. That you share equal love to everyone, no matter if they are related to you or not. That you cannot mourn when your biological children give up their lives, because you see the whole world as your children. We humans are so attached to our family - could we do the same? Would we protect our biological kids or biological relatives more than those who are not related to us, when they are facing a difficult time? I think most of us would protect our biological relatives. How great then are Guru Gobind Singh Jis and Mata jis love when they don't discriminate between biological and nonbiological kids? They could actually see God in everyone. They practiced it.

I cannot express my feelings when mataji saw chaar sahibzaade in the whole sangat and lovingly accepted them as their children. I felt like suddenly she become my mother too and Guru Gobind Singh ji my father. Not just "mata ji" or "pita ji" by words like it sounded when I took amrit. Watching this scene, I could for the very first time really feel that I was their daugther, that I wanted to be their daugther. 

Harveen Kaur

Harveen Kaur

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