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It took one hundred years to correct the true cause of death of young George Tompkins. Someone added on the death certificate "Suicide" to what was actually a death by "Lynching." The gathering of several hundred Hoosiers of many races, faiths, and cultures witnessed a moving presentation and justified indignation over this cruelty and perpetrated lie.

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The gathering was introduced to the charts of genealogy, old criminally-tempered Death Certificate and the new research-based corrected Death Certificate. The sunlight into this truth was spearheaded by Indiana Remembrance Coalition chaired by Karen Christensen. Several dignitaries, faith leaders, and guests were in attendance. The Reverend Nicole Caldwell-Gross offered a beautiful Opening Prayer; Dr. Rebecca K. Shrum provided Historical Context -"took his life and replaced with a lie;" The Reverend Dr. Clyde Posley offered personal reflections and continued race-based problems. 

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Mayor Joe Hogsett offered a prayerful eloquent reminder: "to help us to act in God's Wisdom ... and the "Human Authority" must honor the spirit of "justice in the here and now;"... otherwise "we are condemned to repeat the past." Ms. Karrah Herring challenged: "To do right, do justice; ... "reveal the truth"... " the comfortable with uncomfortable;"... and "to dialogue to get to a More Perfect Union. "Karen Christensen who reminded us about the goal of IRC : We Remember, and the need to witness "History in a truthful way." The Performing Artist Tamra E'lan G. passionately presented a special composition, "Forgotten No Longer." This event was sponsored by several organizations.

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At the Graveside Ceremony and under a sunny Indiana sky and with a cold wind blowing across the Floral Park Cemetery: The Dedication of a new marker in honor of George Tompkins was led by The Reverend Nicole Caldwell-Gross and a song by Minister Bambi Dupree-Alridge. KP Singh, Interfaith leader, and Kenyon Jackson, Arsenal Technical High School Scholar had the honor of Unveiling of the new Headstone. After all the gathered guests had solemnly placed flowers at the site, the traditional Benediction followed. This event was organized by several organizations.

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We were witness to "Forgotten No Longer" and that now George Tompkins' story and memory belonged to all Indiana and the American Conscience and Living Archives. I was in awe of what I had just witnessed and blessed to be a small part of it.

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I returned home reflecting on the solemnity and symbolism of this remembrance. It carried the spirit of emancipation, revival and renewal; resurrection of a nineteen year old young soul who was so wronged at many levels; and even a glimmering sense of our healing in search of truth. I also wondered what an enormous and yet noble task it will be to uncover the truth of outrages that have and continue here and around the world every single day and what a monumental task it will be for historians and organizations like Indiana Remembrance Coalition to undertake to correct that wrong. But then again, I remembered that I had witnessed "a giant leap of faith and discovery of truth" and its ripples could reach millions of hearts and far distant shores. ~ Respectfully, KP Singh (KP Singh Designs) Indianapolis, Indiana USA - March 12, 2022

Kanwal Prakash 'KP' Singh

Kanwal Prakash 'KP' Singh

KP participates in interfaith and humanitarian initiatives (Interfaith Hunger Initiative); activities and celebrations of diverse faiths and ethnic communities in Indiana.  KP assists with cultural training for Police Officers and TSA personnel; works with teachers, students, civic leaders to create a better understanding of Sikh and other faith traditions and contributions. KP advocates interfacing and mainstreaming ethnic talents, assets to benefit and serve all Americans.

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