The Singh Behind Little Sikhs

This year Little Sikhs goal is to create e-learning lessons for our children to access online in a systematic way.

My name is Manpreet Singh Talwar and I was born in Burma currently known as Myanmar. I came to United States during mid-eighties and finished my education in Chicago Illinois. Creating art and producing music has always been my passion. Currently I am working as an   e-Learning developer for a healthcare corporation. 

I got married and we had children, twin sons about 14 years ago. They changed the way I see the life in a very positive way. While growing up, my kids started watching a show on TV called Little Einstein’s and would recite the show’s songs repeatedly and they played with Little Einstein’s toys. That sparked an idea to create a fun educational website for our Sikh children around the world.  That’s how the name “Little Sikhs” was created. With my multimedia skills and personal fund, I started creating a website with Sikh characters, animations, games, coloring pages and other fun educational material, mainly to attract the Sikh youth. There were several obstacles that came my way but somehow Waheguru has always been there for me to clear my difficult path and to keep moving forward with my seva.  

I came up with children books with inspiration from my family.  I have illustrated and published three children’s books so far, “Blessings from Waheguru Ji”, “My Little Book of Mool Mantar”, and “Super Singh Super Kaur”. There are a few more books on the way. I have also made fun online interactive games, videos and other educational products including children T-Shirts and bookmarks. 

About two years ago, I made Little Sikhs as a Non-for-profit organization, so we can come together and continue to create wonderful educational products for generations to come. 

Little Sikhs has been a journey, growing and learning together with my two sons in a fun and creative way about Sikhi. 

This year Little Sikhs goal is to create e-learning lessons for our children to access online in a systematic way. I feel that our Gurmat education ways need to be advanced with time and technology. My grandparents, parents and I learned Gurmukhi on a chalk board. My children are still learning Gurmukhi on a white board in an old-fashioned way. I have not seen much of a change for several decades. Now that we are stuck at home due to the current pandemic Covid-19, we are struggling to find the educational solutions and ways to teach our children. We have created a Virtual Gurmat Learning Center page under Facebook platform for all of us to share educational materials and fun activities for our children. We are also creating mini e-Learning modules for everyone which can be accessed from
Little Sikhs is run by sewadaars. Volunteering not only makes us unique and strong but makes us feel like a valued part of our community. We are very much in need of your time and talent. We would like to continue creating more educational materials, e-Learning games, lesson and videos related to Sikhi this year. Your monetary support will help us produce new wonderful products for our younger generation to enjoy. Please consider supporting the world of Little Sikhs by donating generously to help fulfill its goal of reaching and inspiring Sikh children across the globe.

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