Singh and Gun (video game project)

HELP needed by the Artist to flesh out the Video game

Singh and Gun - 30 Second Demo


Ever since I played my first video-game at a young age, I have always wanted to make one of my own.

Recently I have been working on a game, which I am calling Singh and Gun (working title).

Singh and Gun is a run-and-gun platformer, inspired by Contra and Halo, where you fight alien invaders, who seek to capture earth and to drive humanity to extinction. It is your job to find out what they are upto and to stop their nefarious plans.

Help Wanted
I need your help with further development of this project.

You can support this game by funding my Patreon starting from $1 or 68 Rs per month.

Your Support is Key
With your support, I will be able to further flesh out the game, add more content to it, make it available on Mobile phones, and so on.

When the game is finished, I want to eventually release it for free, to the wider audience.

Play Now
All of my Patreon Supporters can start playing the game immediately by downloading the current build of the game from Patreon.

Other Benefits
When you support Singh and Gun, you also gain access to all my Premium Content on Patreon, such as early access, secret artwork and behind the scenes process.

So please show your support on Patreon.

Thank you



Bhagat Singh Bedi

Bhagat Singh Bedi

Bhagat Singh Bedi has been painting Sikh History since the young age of 11. His Sikh Paintings connect us to our ancient heritage by telling stories of our ancestors in vivid colours. Each painting is carefully hand-painted, researched and detailed by Bhagat, over years of meditation. Bhagat's fine art prints can be purchased for your home, and can be easily ordered online at

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