Sikhs Helping Sikhs

From the immense gifts with which Waheguru has blessed us Sikhs all over the world, let us all sponsor a few kids each..

- A Letter From Luckee Kohli

We were shocked to know that on a very conservative estimate, there are 250,000 Sikh children in Punjab alone in need of financial help to complete their education.
We come from a family of highly educated professionals. Both myself and my wife are technocrats and we acknowledge the power of education as we have achieved so much and now have a comfortable existence.
For some time, we have been exploring the possibility to do our bit for society in general and our community in particular. The discussion about the needy kids has progressed into identifying a large number of poor Sikh students in rural Punjab who find it impossible to pay for a good education. We have been blessed by Akal Purukh to find this path to do a little bit for the community.
We have sponsored few kids for their education till they graduate and finish their education. Each member of our family has adopted a couple of kids each. My 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter have identified kids they want to be responsible for, as have my wife and myself. Its very important to involve your young children in this endevour so they learn in their young age the joy of helping others.

We visited India in October 2008 and visited the school in rural Punjab where all our sponsored kids are being given their education. Coming face-to-face with the kids that we have adopted turned the whole episode from just pictures and paperwork to a real bonding. My kids clicked with their adopted kids right away when they met for the first time. It all seemed like a big extended family coming together.
We cherish the meeting with them and now the photo of all of us together is our cherished possession. The time spent with our extended family has educated us about their likes and dislikes along with their immense intelligence, and we have seen first hand the grave need to help them to realise their dreams.
Our Gurus taught us about the joy of giving and sharing, but it has to be really felt by each of us, and then everyone can enjoy contentment and bliss. We feel so lucky to have find this path where we can contribute our bit for the Panth.
We feel so blessed that we are directly in touch with and are responsible for the kids that we have adopted. Also it is not just one-off charity, but it is a responsibility and a bonding that is there for a lifetime.
From the immense gifts with which Waheguru has blessed us Sikhs all over the world, let us all sponsor a few kids each so we can educate and empower our young generation.
It will not only save our young sikhs from going astray but also produce a whole generation of well educated people.  
Be sure the Gurus are smiling at all of us from the Heavens for their is no greater sewa than helping and educating the children.

If you would like to learn more about how you can sponsor poor children's education, please write to me at [email protected]

- Luckee Kohli


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